About TravelGrom

About TravelGrom.com

Established in 2013, TravelGrom as an online community dedicated to bringing you information on budget travel, music festivals and surf travel. It is registered as MDRN Media LLC in the State of California.

travelgrom iconsMy name is Evan and I’ve been traveling for as long as I can remember. Thankfully, my parents loved to travel and I visited the Caribbean, Europe and Central America all before my 5th birthday. I was instantly hooked.

I’ve been to quite a few places: Bali, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Jamaica, England, Wales, France, Italy, Canada, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, India, Hawai’i and all over the United States.  But it’s a big world and I still have plenty to see…

In April 2012, I returned home from a two-week surf trip in Costa Rica and immediately began researching my next trip. I was surprised to find there wasn’t a comprehensive website on budget surf travel. A month later, TravelGrom was born.

The site has since expanded to included information on music festivals and much more.

In my free time I like to surf, play basketball, hike and go to music festivals.

What’s in a name?

Why is this site called TravelGrom? Isn’t a grom a little kid?  Isn’t “grom” Bobby Martinez’s least favorite word?

After I decided to create a travel site, the next step was to buy a domain.  I knew that I wanted the word “travel” in the domain to help convey the purpose of the site to my readers.  Unfortunately, the word travel is a highly sought after domain keyword and it seemed as if every domain I tried to register was already taken or unavailable. (EvanTravels.com, TravelingEvan.com, EvanTravels.com etc.)

A couple of weeks passed and I was still without a domain.  Then one day my girlfriend  suggested “TravelGrom.com.”

So I settled on TravelGrom.com because it has the word “travel” in it, and as a bonus, “grom” rhymes with “.com”