Surfing Tarantula’s – Jalama

On the southern end of Jalama beach is a fast and hollow left called Tarantula’s, or T’s. The rock and sand bottom here is usually best in the fall or spring when big

Barreling left wave at Tarantula's, Jalama
Photo: Nick Liotta

south swells roll through. The rights can also get good here, but be careful because they break into a boulder field on the inside. This place can get crowded in the summer when the rest of Santa Barbara County is flat.

If you’re looking to get barreled in Santa Barbara, Tarantula’s is one of your best bets.  Fast moving, long period swells jack up on the reef and turn into big open faces.  That same long-period swell will also mean you’re in for a long paddle.  When the waves are on, the current here is a bicep burner… expect to be carried down the shore for at least a hundred yards.

tarantulas jalama santa barbara wave

surfing tarantulas jalama santa barbara

Jalama State Beach Surf Map

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