Bonnaroo 2017 Packing List: The Ultimate Guide

What stage at Bonnaroo 2017

Wondering what to bring to Bonnaroo camping? Then this 2017 Bonnarroo packing list is for you! In this guide we’ll explore camping tips and all the essential items you need to ensure a smooth, safe and fun music festival experience.

The main thing to remember when packing for Bonnaroo is that it’s June in Manchester, Tennessee… which means the weather is HOT & HUMID.

The average temperature is 85ºF with 80% humidity… there is no escaping the heat on “the Farm.” Therefore, let’s get the most important camping item in this guide out of the way: WATER, WATER, WATER. Consider bringing a five gallon jug and multiple water bottles that you can refill throughout the long weekend.

Ok, now to the other things to pack:

Essential Bonnaroo Items

This guide is meant to make your entrance, stay and exit from Bonnaroo as painless and smooth as possible. Don’t leave home without packing the following:

  • Bonnaroo Wristbands (make sure your friends have theirs too!)
  • Identification Card, cash, ATM card / credit card
  • Sunscreen (minimum SPF 50)
  • Water! (yes I said it again)

Notice how I didn’t list “cell phone.” Sometimes it’s nice to disconnect for a weekend and just enjoy the music festival and the company of your friends. Ok, ok, leaving the phone at home might be a little much, but try leaving it in your car for a day, just remember to lock the doors!camping at Bonnaroo

Pro Tip: Fill up your car with gas BEFORE arriving at Bonnaroo. Most festival goers will arrive with a low tank and try to fill up when they leave, which causes chaos at the local gas stations in the area. Be smart, think in advance, and fuel up before arriving.

Camping Checklist

It may be tempting to start partying right when you arrive, but resist! The smartest thing you can do is get your campsite setup and dialed-in before cracking a beer.

Remember: it’s likely to rain at some point during the weekend, so make sure everything is covered. The best campgrounds have something in common, they have a central area covered by an EZ-Up, in which all the tent entrances are under. This campsite arrangement ensures that the entrances of your tents will stay (somewhat) dry, thus avoiding the dreaded muddy tent!

  • Tentmake sure it has windows so you can get a breeze!
  • Old Carpet or Blanket – for laying down in the campsite. Nice for walking on barefoot!
  • EZ-UP – as mentioned, goes in the center of camp. This one is only $99.
  • Sleeping Bag and Pillows
  • Air Mattress – add some comfort to your stay. Coleman makes affordable options in full, twin and queen. 
  • Tarp – great for hanging on the side of your campsite for additional shade. Don’t forget a tarp!
  • Bug Spraylot’s of good options on Amazon
  • Camping Chairsthese are affordable, and they will get destroyed, so get cheap.
  • Bike Locklock items like chairs and coolers to each other. It sucks to have things stolen at Bonnaroo.
  • Flashlights, camping lamps and batteries – here’s a cheap and powerful option, and don’t forget batteries.
  • Portable Fan – the sun rises early and the tents become saunas. Don’t be a Bonnaroo rookie, get a fan for your tent.
  • Solar Shower – Bonnaroo veterans know that the festival showers can get crowded and gross. Why not shower in the comfort of your own campsite with a solar shower? Just make sure to keep your underwear on.
  • Collapsable Flag PoleFlag poles are a fun and unique way to make your campsite stand out. Not to mention, a custom flag serves as a beacon when stumbling back to your campsite at night in the dark. Don’t get lost, get a flag pole. 
  • Extra Tent StakesPlastic tent stakes break easily, make sure you have a backup. Also useful for tying down your EZ UP or any other shade structures.
  • Duct Tape – The all-in-one solution for just about any camping-related issue or head ache. 
  • Zip Tiesthese things come in handy for hanging and fixing various things around the campsite. 

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Food & Cooking packing items

Bonnaroo has tons of excellent food tents to choose from, but camping wouldn’t be camping without cooking some food yourself! Also, by making your own meals and packing your own food for the festival, you’ll be saving some cash money.

  • Pedialyte – Really? Pedialyte? Yes! This stuff does wonders for hydration. Just pour a little packet into a bottle of water before you go to sleep and before you head to the festival. Your body will be replenished with tons of electrolytes and nutrients that you sweat out while dancing or whatever else it is you do inside the festival.
  • Trail Mix – a camping classic, don’t forget to pack it!
  • Watermelon – Nothing tastes better on a hot southern day.
  • Multi Vitamins, Aspirin and 5HTP – Keep your body and your brain healthy. Bonnaroo can take a lot out of festivalgoers. Vitamins are the ultimate hangover cure
  • Bread, lunch meat, PBJ – Refuel mid-day with the type of sandwich your mom used to make. 
  • Plastic Utensils and Plates – Too many times people forget to back the basics. Don’t forget utensils so you can enjoy all this tasty food!
  • Large cooler – If you get some dry-ice, pack it at the bottom and put a layer of scrunched up newspaper over it. This will act as a barrier so the food doesn’t get frozen solid. A few bars of ice should last almost the entire weekend. This is a good option.
  • Propane Grill – You’re going to need to cook up some hotdogs right and maybe some eggs for breakfast right? A small grill will do the trick.
  • Energy/Protein Bars – Quick and easy, throw a couple in your backpack or packets and bring them inside the festival.
  • Camel Pack – Having a pack of cold water (or booze) with you at all times is a very good idea. And this backpack is a perfect place to stuff your ID and other things.

Hygiene Guide

There’s no doubt about it, spend the weekend camping at Bonnaroo and you will get dirty, and maybe even suffer from a small injury… like a cut or stubbed toe. Therefore, as is the case with any camping trip, it’s important to pack a few small medical and hygiene items.

  • Face Wipes – Remove the dirt (or makeup) from your face every night and go to bed feeling refreshed! Available here
  • Hand Sanitizer – Get one with a carabiner so you can clip it to your backpack.
  • Earplugs – Both the cheap foam ear plugs for sleeping at night (campgrounds can be noisy all night) and the $15 high-fidelity ear plugs that protect your ears from permanent damage while listening to loud festival music!
  • Toilet Paper – Right when you need it the most, you’ll discover that the port-a-potties are empty. Always bring some extra rolls.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – Buy one just for the festival, you’ll probably end up losing it.
  • First-Aid KitBuy pre-packed mini first-aid kit. It might will come in handy, trust me!
  • Sunscreen – Mentioning sunscreen here again because it is oh-so important.
  • Bandana – Keep the dust off your face. This is an optional accessory. 
  • Gold Bond – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, just make sure you bring some Gold Bond
  • Tums, Cough drops, Gum – all necessary! 

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Fun Camping Accessories

When packing for camping at Bonnaroo, don’t forget these few things that will spice up your campsite. These are not required, just recommended if you have the budget. 

  • Cornhole – A camping classic!
  • Christmas Lights – spice up your campsite with some cheap lights.
  • DJ Setup, Guitar, Accordion – Something fun to play after the festival each night.
  • Deck of Cards – Drinking games anyone?
  • Water balloons – get creative
  • Board Games – Cards Against Humanity is a good one!

Mobile Phone Tips

Technology at music festivals can be a pain or a burden. If you choose to bring your phone into Bonnaroo, checkout the following ideas.

  • Download Venmo, which is great for making a payment to your friend for that beer and slice of pizza he/she bought you.
  • Save a friend’s name and phone number as your phone’s background. That way, if you lose your phone (it happens all the time!) then the person that finds it knows who to contact.
  • Cellphone charger – If you’re inclined to use your phone, make sure to bring some extra juice. Don’t let you phone die while Snapchatting your favorite artist.
  • If you and your friends have iPhones, use “find my friends” app to share your location with them at all times. Great for seeing where your group of friends is at Bonnaroo.
  • Cellphone coverage can be horrible, so when texting, always use a time and be specific. For example, don’t write “meet at Flume in 10 minutes.” Instead, write “meet at the water booth on the right side of ‘What Stage’ at 8:15 for Flume”

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Other things to bring

Below are a few items that are a great idea to bring to Bonnaroo. They’re not necessarily essentials, but they will make your music festival experience that much more fun.

  • GoPro Hero 5 – Capture your favorite moments with the small and easy to use camera. Bonus: it’s water proof without the case, so no need to worry about it getting soaked, which it will.
  • Portable Speaker – Get the pre-game vibe going in your campsite and keep the after party vibes going all night with a battery-powered portable speaker. Don’t forget the batteries.

What not to bring

Please use common sense when packing for Bonnaroo and don’t bring any of the following:

  • Weapons
  • Animals or Pets
  • Glass
  • Negative Attitude!

Printable Bonnaroo Packing Checklist

Make sure to print out this handy checklist when doing your final check. 



If you have any questions about what you should include in while packing for the festival, please feel free to contact me. Also, be sure to checkout my Instagram for more tips, up-to-date news and Bonnaroo giveaways.


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