Spain: travel videos and vlog

travel video from Spain

I recently returned from Spain. My girlfriend and I spent two weeks between Pamplona, San Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza.

Having watched travel videos by Brandon Li, I wanted to make “cinematic” travel video with my new Sony A6500 and Zhiyun Crane. This Spain travel video is what I came up with. Note: it is cheesy! That’s because I wanted to have a story, and not just a montage of travel shots set to music.

We also decided to try recording some vlogs (video blog) while in Spain. I usually take hundreds of photos while traveling, but learned that recording video was better for memories. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures (well 24 per second to be exact).

So here are some of our Spain travel vlogs.






Hope you like them, please leave a comment on YouTube!

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