The Top 10 Jobs That Let You Travel

female travel photographer taking a photo of a building in spain

Travelling doesn’t have to be something you fit around your busy working schedule. Finding a job that could let you travel is much easier now with the help of online platforms. In fact, there are many jobs out there that allow you to earn a stable salary while simultaneously exploring the various corners of the world.

Freelance photographer

Being freelance usually comes with flexibility in terms of time. As a freelance photographer, that time translates into the opportunity to travel – both for work and outside of it. In this role, you could work events such as concerts, festivals and even weddings or engagements, which will include scouting locations for said shoots.

You could potentially attract new clients by being well-travelled, with plenty of knowledge of the perfect places to capture those special moments. Alternatively, if you specialize in wildlife and landscapes, a career as a freelance photographer could take you further afield as you travel the world and build your portfolio.

English teacher

Regardless of what background you come from, teaching English opens up a world of opportunities – especially when it comes to travelling. To excel in this role, you’ll first need to get TEFL qualified, have strong interpersonal skills and be able to teach a variety of levels. Your main responsibility will be building proficiency in the English language.

As to where English teaching can take you, that’s very much up to you. You could opt to hop from country to country in Europe each academic year, alternatively, you could get out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in an entirely new culture by teaching English in China.

Au pair

While becoming an au pair for a family abroad is an excellent way to see the world, the responsibility shouldn’t be taken lightly. You will be responsible for the care of potentially more than one child, and it is a job that requires both patience and empathy.

Typically families will cover your living cost expenses and you’ll receive a monthly stipend that you can spend as you please. You may also be asked to take care of other household chores in this position, alongside childcare. Remember to iron out the details before you start so there are no surprises upon your arrival.

Virtual Assistant

This supporting role can be done from anywhere across the globe, so long as you have a computer and a decent internet connection. The responsibilities can vary depending on the company you work for and can range from administrative tasks like calendar optimisation to copywriting.

As a virtual assistant, specializing in a particular skill, such as customer support or graphic design is a great way to continue attracting new clients or retain the ones you currently work with. Your travels could also help you pick up a new language which would make another great addition to your CV.

Travel writer

If writing is your thing, consider turning that hobby into a day job that will allow you to travel. Platforms like UpWork make it easier than ever for freelance writers to connect with clients so that they can work remotely and continue chasing down their writing inspiration.

While it may take you a while to build up your portfolio and establish a steady stream of income, perfecting the art of pitching can go a long way when it comes to landing stable, regular work. Moreover, these are things you can start working on before you set off on your travels so you don’t end up travelling on a shoestring budget.

Web developer

Working as a web developer for some can mean working a typical 9-5 with a twist. As you’ll be working on a computer for the majority of your day, these roles are often remote, meaning you could opt to work as a digital nomad around the world.

In this role you’ll be updating websites, communicating with clients, and will need to know multiple coding languages, so some serious studying is a must before you jet off. Nonetheless, salaries are often competitive, so you could even bring your family along for the ride. For tips on first-time family travel, check out the

Flight attendant

While you may have to work erratic hours, becoming a flight attendant is a great way to get paid to travel and see the world. The best part is that no higher education is required, with strong customer service skills being prioritized above all.

Professionalism and ensuring customer satisfaction are some of the expectations of flight attendants. You’ll also need to successfully complete your airline’s training program which will equip you with the additional knowledge needed to perform your role as well as handle any emergencies.

Cruise ship employee

Not only is working as a cruise ship employee a great way to see the world, but it can also be an opportunity to save money in the process. Many cruise lines will also provide staff with room and board so you can make the most of your earnings on outings to the various places you visit.

There are numerous positions you could apply for, with many of them in the hospitality sector and contract lengths usually range from 6 to 9 months. Things to consider before applying are that, unfortunately, there can be few opportunities to return home, and living quarters may be small.


Depending on what part of archaeology you go into, archaeologists can travel across the world to complete research and participate in digs to unearth historical artefacts. So while you will get to travel to different parts of the world, those destinations will be determined by the work you’re doing.

It’s important to remember that not every role in archaeology will involve travel. Some roles can be more technical or administrative, and responsibilities can vary from examining bones or other remains to writing grants to secure funding for projects. If travelling is your goal, do your research before specialising.

Tour Guide

Tour guides are needed all over the world in tourist hotspots like historical cities, world heritage sites and even national parks, making it a great job if you want to travel. You will be expected to speak multiple languages, though, so bear that in mind.

Beyond linguistic skills, a good tour guide should be confident and enthusiastic about the history they’re taking you on a tour of. Moreover, they should have a knack for storytelling to create an engaging tour that sparks interest.

Next steps

Which career path you decide to follow to get out there and see the world will depend on both your own interests and what you’re qualified to do. While some roles demand a high level of experience, there are still plenty of entry-level options that mean it’s never too late for a career change that will take you on all those adventures you’d previously only dreamed of.

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