Backpacking with Family – Choosing the Right Gear

Everyday obligations at work and in life can really distance you from your family so going backpacking with your loved ones is a great idea. This way you all leave your obligations behind, have fun and explore nature together. It is a perfect way of strengthening family relationships, gaining new skills, and enjoying the outdoors. You can even consider a road trip, if that is more your style. So, in this article, we will share tips on the gear you need to have a smooth and safe adventure.

Gear essentials for family backpacking 

Going backpacking requires carrying a lot of stuff that will make the trip smooth and safe. The best thing here is that you’re going as a group, so you can divide all the essentials amongst the few of you. So let’s take a look at what you’ll need to bring. 

Choosing the right tent

Depending on the family members first of all you should plan and organize choosing the right gear to bring with you. You’ll probably sleep in a tent, so make sure it is of good quality and comfortable depending on the family members. You can decide if you’re going to sleep in one bigger tent with your kids or separate but, for better safety, sleeping together is advised. It’s recommended that you choose a collection of light weight backpacking tents so you cut on the load on your back. Going backpacking for a few days requires bringing a lot of stuff with you, so choosing proper lightweight gear can make a serious difference. The tent and sleeping gear should be well fit in your back to be comfortable to carry. 

If you’re not experienced in setting up a tent, then try reading the instructions that come with it. You can also find some great videos online. Practicing in your backyard or in the center of your living room can also be of great help, and it will be an extremely fun family-friendly activity. 

man backpacking with his family

Having a comfy backpack 

This is especially important if there’s a lot of walking on your journey. Your backpacks mustn’t be too heavy, and they should be comfortable enough not to cause you terrible back pain. That means, investing in a high-quality backpack is a great idea. It shouldn’t have any pressure points. Having foamy parts above your shoulders and on your back is a really great option. Multiple compartments for storing different gear are also a benefit. If it’s hydrophobic, then you’ve hit the jackpot. 

If you’re backpacking with kids, especially younger ones, keep in mind that their backpack must not be too heavy, or else they will start hurting. If you can, try putting some snacks, water, and dry clothes for them to carry. That would be enough on their part. 

The right shoes and dry clothes

A lot of walking can hurt not just your back, but your feet as well. For good posture and activity, you need high-quality shoes. Invest in a part for every member of the family. That way, your feet will stay warm and you won’t have the need to stop and stretch your legs every half a mile. 

You should have at least one pair of dry clothes to change into. You’ll be sweating a lot, and even if you’re not, you might get cold. That’s where the extra pair of socks and a blazer will come in handy. Roll the clothes so that they take up less space in your backpack. 

Sleeping bags

You’ve already settled up with the tent, but there’s something missing. You wouldn’t like sleeping on the cold, hard ground. That’s why it is extremely important to invest in sleeping bags as well. According to your preferences, you can either buy synthetic or down-filled sleeping bags. They both come with different advantages, but if you’re looking for bigger warmth and comfort, the down-filled ones are your best option. 

Other essentials 

There are some things that can easily be forgotten, and we’ll try going over as many as we can.

First aid kit

Having a basic first aid kit is really important. You don’t have to pack much, grab just the basic stuff, and don’t forget those kid bandages with superheroes and princesses. It is said that they make the pain go away faster, but that only works on children. 

Source of light 

It can get pretty dark out there, so having a flashlight and an extra pair of batteries can do wonders. If your kids are afraid of sleeping in the dark, having a source of light will be beneficial. It would be great if you have a headlamp so that your hands are free at all times, but even a flashlight will do the job perfectly. 

Lighter or matches

Last but not least, nights in the wild can be chilly. Even if it’s not that cold, setting up a campfire will lighten up the whole camping mood, and your kids will have some unforgettable memories. If you bought marshmallows, consider this the best experience ever. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can try starting the fire without a source, but if you’re inexperienced, read a lot of articles beforehand, and also learn how to safely set up the campfire, with no risk for you or nature surrounding you.

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