The Top 5 Performances of Coachella 2013 [Video]

coachella 2013 top 5 performances

The best Coachella 2013 performances tended to be the unexpected ones. Sure, everyone will say Blur, The Stones Roses, Phoenix and The Red Hot Chili Peppers put on amazing shows, and they’re probably right.

But incredible shows can be found all weekend at every one of the stages. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and just happen to be at the right stage at the right time. Here are the best performances from Coachella 2013 weekend 1. So if you’re headed to Indio for weekend 2, I recommend you see the following:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

What: YYY’s front woman Karen O—dressed like some sort of Shaman from the future—was extremely fun to watch. Her voice alternated from scratchy to soothing and got got everyone in the audience dancing as it pierced through the Polo Fields. Her onstage antics were just as exciting as the metallic-gold-laced outfit she adorned. At one point she finished their song Rich by shoving the microphone into the crotch of her pants (7:46 in the video below), and wailed Pin into the microphone that she held with only her teeth (35:20 in video below).  Nick Zinner’s guitar playing was on-point and the crowd cheered extremely loud when they heard the opening rifts of their favorite songs.
When: Friday, 8:30 – 9:40
Where: Main Stage
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Coachella 2013 setlist: Sacrilege, Rich, Under the Earth, Slave, Zero, Subway, Soft Shock, Pin, Gold Lion, Maps, Heads Will Roll


The Postal Service

WhatThis highly anticipated reunion show did not disappoint. The voices of lead singer Ben Gibbard (also lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie) and back-up vocalist Jenny Lewis sounded just as perfect as they did on The Postal Service’s only album, Give Up, despite the fact that the album was recorded over 10 years ago. The crowded was very receptive to every song and the band played every song from Give Up, with the exception of Recycled Air and Natural Anthem, which were replaced by Turn Around and A Tattered Line of String, two songs that were recorded back in 2002 but only released on the 2013 re-issue of Give Up.
When: Saturday, 8:50 – 9:40
Where: Main Stage
The Postal Service Coachella 2013 Setlist: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, We Will Become Silhouettes, Sleeping In, Turn Around, Nothing, Better, Clark Gable, This Place Is a Prison, A Tattered Line of String, Such Great Heights, Brand New Colony


Tame Impala

What: This West Oz psychedelic rock band was a crowd favorite at Coachella 2011. Taking the same stage (Outdoor Theatre) and nearly the same time slot as two years ago (just before sunset), Tame Impala’s set had all of the hallmarks of a true rock show; long hair, smashing drums and heavy guitar solos. Lead-singer Kevin Parker’s vocals were eerily reminiscent of an LSD-era John Lennon song and had audience bouncing their heads in a dream-like trance (9:20 in the video below). Perhaps the highlight of the set were the guitar rifts from their 9 minute-version of Half Full Glass of Wine (starts @ 30:00 in video, and ~35:00). Words of wisdom: see this set at Coachella Weekend 2.
When: Sunday, 6:25 – 7:15
Where: Outdoor Theatre
Tame Impala Coachella 2013 Setlist: Solitude Is Bliss, Jam, Apocalypse Dreams, Keep on Lying, Endors Toi, Elephant, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, Half Full Glass of Wine



What: One of the biggest conflicts of this year’s Coachella was Of Monsters of Men and Men vs. Alt-J; both occupied the same time slot but on different stages. But after reviewing the full set on Youtube, it appears that Alt-J may be the better option for people attending Coachella Weekend 2. The Mojave Tent was packed to the brim with festival goers eager to see the buzz band from Leeds, UK. The crowd erupted in applause when Alt-J started to play hits from their debut album An Awesome Wave, including Breezeblocks, Tessellate and Fitzpleasure. But it was the sitar-sounding guitar strums on Taro that really made the crowd go nuts (see video below).
When: Friday, 5:20 – 6:05
Where: Mojave Tent
Alt-J Coachella 2013 Setlist: Intro, Ripe & Ruin, Tessellate, Something Good, Dissolve Me, Fitzpleasure, Matilda, Bloodflood, Breezeblocks, Taro


Pretty Lights

What: Despite the beginning of his set being delayed because of computer issues, Pretty Lights put on one of the best shows of the weekend because his light show was, well, very pretty indeed. The 31 year old producer from Colorado sported a beanie/hat and jammed behind two Mac Book Pros. The crowd was grooving and dancing as the sun began to set on the Outdoor Theatre; the set was a perfect segue into the Coachella night.
When: Sunday, 7:45 – 8:40
Where: Outdoor Theatre
Pretty Lights Coachella 2013 set list: I Can See It In Your Face, Still Night, Pink Floyd -Time, Hot Like Sauce, Radiohead vs NIN
Sorry, no video available, you’ll just have to see it for yourself @ weekend 2!

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