4th of July in Cabo, Mexico

Cabo Lover's Beach
Lover's Beach Cabo
Last summer (2012), my girlfriend’s family invited me to Cabo San Lucas.  At first I was reluctant to accept the invitation because I didn’t want to take time off work to spend a week in the tourist trap that is Cabo.  But I came to realize that a vacation is a vacation.  I’ll never pass an opportunity to travel, no matter the destination.

We arrived in Cabo on the 4th of July.  I thought it was ironic to be celebrating America’s Independence in Mexico, but it was fun nonetheless.  Our hotel, the Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort & Spa, setup a firework display right on the beach.  In true Mexico fashion, the fireworks were set off with out any warning, which scared all of the unsuspecting people lounging on the beach.

For some strange reason I felt right at home.  Perhaps it was because everyone in Cabo is American.

Cabo is a beautiful place.  The sand is white, the water is warm, and the rock formations are simply stunning.

Best places to eat in Cabo

Almost every resort in Cabo comes with some sort of “all-you-can-eat” deal,  so you can literally live inside of the resort and never have to leave.  But you will need to venture away from the comforts of the hotel and into the town Cabo if you want try some authentic, delicious southern Baja-style Mexican food.  My personal favorite restaurant is El Pollo de Oro (“golden chicken”) on the corner of José Maria Morelos and 20 de Noviembre [see map below].  The must-order item on the menu is chicken of course.  I liked the enchiladas with rice and beans, and a margarita.

Guitar player at Pollo del Oro


Expensive restaurants in Cabo

If you have some money to burn, and are looking for a romantic setting, then head over to Maria Corona on 16 de Septiembre and Jose Maria Morelos streets [see map below].  The food is excellent, and many of the dishes are cooked right in front of your table at an open fire grill.  It’s easy to order too much food here and be stuck with an expensive bill (every $9 margarita adds up!)

The Maria Corona menu is beautiful, and there’s something for everyone (click here to see the full Maria Corona menu in PDF format). Be sure to order the freshly made guacamole and chips as an appetizer.  Be sure to skip the picture with the man dresses as an ancient Aztec Warrior (he asks for $25 tip after you take a picture with him).

Cooking with Tequila

cooking with tequila

Romantic Setting at Maria Corona

romantic setting at Maria Corona

shrimp dish maria corona cabo mexico

shrimp dish at Maria Corona

Cheap eats in Cabo

Street vendors are the cheapest (and in my opinion, the best) place to get some tasty mexican cuisine in Cabo.  Just walk around the streets away from the tourist traps and you’ll discover a number of vendors selling home-made tacos, tamales, burritos and  ceviché.  Each item is $2 USD at most, so stock up and take some food back to the hotel room.  And be sure to try a world-famous baja fish taco while in Cabo!

If you see a short man walking around with two orange buckets full of corn husks, be sure to waive him down.  His $1 tamales are the best I’ve ever had.

Evan ordering a delicious meal from a street vendor

Me ordering a delicious meal from a street vendor

cabo street vendor


What to do in Cabo

Cabo is a perfect place for rest and relaxation.  There isn’t too much to do besides renting a jet-ski ($40 an hour), going sport fishing ($300 – $600 for an all-day boat charter), hanging out on the beach (free!) and partying.

  • Do: take a boat out to lover’s beach and walk around in the caves
  • Do: body surf and skim board on the beach
  • Do: go snorkeling at Pelican Rock (on the way to Lover’s Beach, ask a local for directions).
  • Do: take a shuttle or taxi to Zippers beach for some fun waves.  It’s about 30 minutes east of Cabo.  Bring your surfboard!
  • Do: play beach volleyball with the locals at the court in front of the Pueblo Bonito Resort.  Games start around 2:00pm.
  • Don’t: Forget to put on sunscreen!
  • Don’t: give money to the street children.  If they can make a living by begging, then their parents won’t send them to school.  It seems counter-intuitive, but by giving them money you’re actually hurting their chances of getting an education.
  • Don’t: swim pay to “swim with the dolphins.”  Keeping dolphins in a large swimming pool is cruel.  By paying to swim with the dolphins, you’re supporting their captivity.
  • Don’t: stumble around drunk at night alone, especially if you are a lady.

If you have any suggestions for what to do and see in Cabo, feel free to contact me or leave  comment.  And if you enjoyed this post, please share with your friends!


Photos from my trip to Cabo


evan brynne cabo cave

me and my girlfriend Brynne

The perfect place to relax Cabo Mexico

typical cabo beach view

Lover's Beach shorebreak

Lover’s Beach shorebreak

rock arch cabo mexico

Relaxing at Pueblo Bonito Cabo Mexico

lovers beach solitude cabo mexico

Solitude at Lover’s Beach

Evan unglasses cabo

beach volleyball cabo mexico

me (left) playing volleyball at Pueblo Bonito

Evan in front of giant catamaran boat cabo mexico

Me in front of the donor wall (notice my name on the wall!)

Me in front of the donor wall (notice my name on the wall!)

cabo san lucas harbor

Brynne's bracelets in cabo

Brynne’s bracelets

Map of things to do and see in Cabo


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  2. says: Tabitha Garcia

    Hi. I came across your blog and found it to be really useful. I might be taking a week long vacay to Cabo in may. A good friend is giving me her timeshare for just $200 for the week right off Medano Beach. Do you have any other suggestions on keeping it economical when it comes to dining out? Any favorite breakfast spots?

    1. says: Evan Thomas

      Hi Tabitha,

      There are a ton of dining options in Cabo, so finding an affordable one shouldn’t be an issue. A good rule of thumb is to avoid tourist traps and the hotels, head a little bit further inland away from the beach and you’ll find lots of cheap spots.

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  4. says: Eve Mitchell

    I had no idea there is a place in Cabo called Lover’s Beach! My husband and I are traveling to Cabo for our anniversary this summer. I’ll have to find us a vacation rental close to Lover’s Beach.

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