How to close iPhone apps in iOS7

ios7 battery close apps iphone
Learning how to close apps in iOS7 will help save the battery life of your iPhone.  As mentioned in another article I wrote, there are 4 ways to save your iPhone’s battery life: close apps, turn off bluetooth + WiFi, reduce screen brightness and turn off cellular data.

Most people don’t know that an iPhone app stays open and runs in the background until you close it.  If you open an application (such as Safari, iTunes, eMail etc.), the only way to turn it off is to manually close it or completely power off your cell phone. It’s important to not have many apps running in the background at once because they use processing power, which in turn uses battery life!

In iOS7, the method for closing apps is slightly different from previous versions of iOS.  Follow the steps below for turning off your apps.

How to close iPhone apps in iOS7

  1. Double tap on the home button.  This will open the multi-task screen, and you will see which apps you have open on your phone.
    how to close iphone apps ios7
    Double tap on the home button
  2. Slide to the left and right to see how many apps you currently have running in the background
  3. Put your finger on an open app and swipe up.  Once you’ve swiped all the way to the top,the app will disappear and it will be closed.
    close iphone 5 apps ios7
    Swipe up on the app to close

    close iphone apps ios7
    slide all the way towards the top of the screen


  4. Once all the apps are closed, only the home screen will remain open.  Tap the home button to exit the multi-task screen.
    ios7 iphone 5 how to close apps
    Only the home screen remains


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Closing iPhone apps

Now that you know how to close your iPhone’s apps in iOS7, your battery life should last much longer.  Just remember to completely close an app every time you’re done using it!  If you still need more battery life, consider buying a Mophie Juice Pack.

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  1. says: Paul

    Many thanks for the information about how to close the programs running in the backgroud using the ISO7. I have no idea why they decided they had to change it. But I’m thankful for people like you that now how to figure it out. What will they think of next? (Hope your still there when they do:)

  2. says: Brian Jones

    Thanks for this explanation. I already knew I had to swipe something to turn an app off in iOS7. I had tried all other directions left, right, down. I didn’t occure to me to swipe up because what goes up must come down. In this case however the app remains up or should I say down?

  3. says: Anne

    Thank you!!!!! Was regretting installing ios7, but now I know how to close everything, I might just stick to it. Lol. Be easier if they gave you the instructions when you downloaded. But thank you!!! At least someone cares. 🙂

  4. says: Marilyn

    I thought you had to download ios7. I did and don’t like it. Can you change back? thanks for the help on closing the programs. I tried and tried, think I had everything open. Sure would like to go back if possible. I have an IPad2

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