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iphone camera trick

iPhone Illusion

iphone illusion trickThere is one iPhone 5 trick that stands out from the rest: the “multiple person illusion.” The illusion allows you to take multiple pictures of the same person in a single photo.

Multiple pictures in the same photo? How does that make sense? Bare with me.

This trick was shown to me by a friend while we were at the beach (see photo on the right) and we perfected the method. Essentially, you use your iPhone’s panorama feature to capture a subject twice (or three  or four times) within the same photo. #Panomagic was born.

How to do the iPhone camera illusion

Here’s how it works:

  1.  Navigate to the panoramic photo option in the camera app on your iPhone.
  2. Get your subject in the shot and have him/her stand still.
  3. Start panning with the camera and then stop when the person is out of frame.
  4. Have you subject exit the frame from the side that you started panning on and run around behind you and into an area will you continue panning to. So if you’re panning from left-to-right, have the subject exit frame left, run around you and stand on your right.
  5. Have them stand still again, and then pan them back into the frame. Complete the photo

how to do iphone illusion trick

iphone 5 camera trick

iPhone Illusion Photo Gallery

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iphone panomagic illusion



panomagic iphone trick


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