Outside Lands Tickets: 5 Places still selling tickets

Outside Lands Tickets 2014
Want to go to Outside Lands? Well, there is bad new and there is good news. The bad news: continuing on the trend for major music festivals in the US, Outside Lands tickets sold out within hours of going on sale (back in May).

But don’t fret, here is the good news: there are still plenty of tickets available from 3rd party vendors. Not everyone that buys a ticket is able to attend the festival, and therefore their tickets end up on internet, available for Outside Lands enthusiasts like you!

Here are 5 places still selling Outside Lands tickets:

Outside Lands tickets on VividSeats

VividSeats prides itself on being the “fastest and safest way to buy tickets online.” Vivid backs 100% of your purchase, so you don’t need to worry about buying fake tickets.

However, you should be aware that there is a 25% fee tacked-on to any purchase on Vivid Seats. So a $349 Outside Lands ticket will cost you  $432. But depending on when you buy your ticket, the prices may be below the initial $349 price.

Outside Lands Wristbands on TicketNetwork

TicketNetwork is an online outlet that connect ticket sellers and ticket buyers. Outside Lands is just one of their events; they offer 7.5M tickets to events around the world per day.

You can shop Outside Lands 2014 tickets safely on TicketNetwork because they offer a 125% buyer guarantee. More information can be found here.



SeatGeek is a ticket  engine (similar to what Kayak.com does for travel) that searches over 100 ticket providers to find the best price. SeatGeek is free and does not charge any fees.

All of the ticket providers SeatGeek searches offer buyer protection, so if there’s a problem with your Outside Lands pass, you will be refunded the money. I’ve used SeatGeek in the past for concert tickets and didn’t have any issues with my purchase.


eBay does offer a ticket protection plan. According to their website: “In the unlikely event that tickets are not received or they are not as described, eBay will help resolve the issue. Let eBay know what is wrong with the tickets or if the tickets have not arrived. eBay will contact the seller. If for any reason the issue cannot be resolved, eBay Buyer Protection will cover the purchase price plus original shipping.”

I have heard horror stories about fake tickets on eBay, so make sure you’re getting your Outside Lands wristbands from a reputable seller that has a high rating. Personally, I would opt for one of the ticketing sites listed above for peace of mind.


Getting your Outside Lands 2014 passes on Craigslist should be a last resort. Craigslist does not offer any buyer protection and many of the tickets listed on the site are counterfeit. NEVER wire someone money through Western Union or PayPal before you get the tickets in your hand.

Go to the next section for tips on how to avoid purchasing counterfeit or fake tickets.

How to avoid fake Outside Lands tickets

Counterfeit ticketing is a huge industry, especially around expensive events like Outside Lands. Every year, thousands of people unknowingly buy fake tickets and end up missing the show.

As mentioned above, the best way to avoid getting scammed out of several hundred dollars is to buy wristbands from trusted friends or from one of the ticketing sites that offers buyer protection, such as TicketNetwork or SeatGeek.

If for some reason you must buy a ticket from a stranger on Craigslist, make sure you meet with them in-person. Ask the seller to bring the email confirmation they received when they bought the tickets, and make sure to take a photograph of their photo ID so you can report them to law enforcement should the tickets turn out to be fake.

Ideally, you won’t pay for the tickets until you can guarantee they are real. To do this, meet up with the seller and walk to the entrance of the festival. Put on the wristband and see if it scans and you are admitted into the festival. If so, then pay the seller. If the wristband doesn’t scan, then it’s obviously fake!



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