Should You Ship Your Car to Hawaii?

jeep car on road in hawaii

It can be stressful to move to another part of the country. Moving to Hawaii involves more considerations because it will be an island separate from the mainland. Deciding to bring your car with you will entail a significant effort. It is a good thing that many companies are specializing in car shipping. One of them can meet your needs and budget. Choosing the right one for your needs can remove the stress from bringing your car to Hawaii.

The Shipping Process

Shipping a car to Hawaii will need you to call an auto shipping company in your area. The company will send people to pick up your car. The pickup point could be your workplace, a nearby park, or your home. The shipping company will load the car onto the trailer.

Then, your vehicle will go straight to one of the nearest ports on the West Coast. These ports will include the ones in Long Beach, Oakland, and San Diego, California. The ones in Tacoma and Seattle, Washington are on the list as well. You can choose the port you prefer. Shipping your car about two to three weeks before your departure for Hawaii is ideal. The shipping company will then deliver your car to your residence in Hawaii.

The Shipping Time

Will my car make it the same day I arrive in Hawaii? Your car will be traveling by sea. The sea journey will take at least two days. Then, land travel will follow. Processing and moving your car from the mainland U.S. to your new place in Hawaii will depend on the point of departure and the point of arrival. Considering the road conditions, traffic, and weather will help you estimate your car’s arrival time.

Preparing for Your Car’s Shipment

Putting enough gas in your car will keep its internal mechanisms stable during transport. Fill only up to a quarter of its tank. Preparing the right documents for your vehicle’s shipping is important. Get the following documents ready:

  • Government-issued ID with your photo
  • Confirmation number from the car shipping company
  • The car’s title
  • Car keys and remote for its alarm
  • Power of attorney or letter of authorization if the car is leased or financed
  • Car registration

You can appoint someone to release the car in the temporary care of the vehicle. Your representative must have power of attorney. He or she must also be at least 18 years old. Your representative will need all the mentioned documents as well.

The Different Transport Options on the Mainland

Many car owners want to choose the type of transport for their vehicle from the pickup point to the port. The first option is an open car transport, which is budget-friendly. Most people choose this option. In this type of transport, your car will be on a trailer open on all sides. It may be less expensive, but your car will be exposed to grime and the elements.

Expect to pay more for enclosed auto transport. The higher cost will be for the higher degree of protection. An enclosed carrier will transport your vehicle in a trailer. It will be enclosed on every side. Shipping companies recommend this type of service for new, classic, custom, antique, modified, and luxury cars.

The Different Car Shipping Options in the U.S.

You can always rely on a ship to transport your car to Hawaii. But there are other car shipping options you can consider. Truck shipping is the most popular choice in moving a vehicle from one place to another on land. This is an economical way to ship a car. The company you hire may even deliver your car to the street address you specify.

Trains can transport your car by land anywhere on the mainland. This is safer and quicker, but it needs more insurance coverage. It is also more expensive than truck shipping. Car shipping by air is the most expensive way to ship a vehicle. This method can be complicated, but it is the safest and fastest shipping method to move a vehicle.

Shipping Your Car to Hawaii Is Easy With the Right Car Shipping Company

Moving to Hawaii is an exciting experience. Bringing everything you love with you is important. This includes your car. The right car shipping company will take care of your car as it makes its way to your new house in Hawaii. Having your car with you in Hawaii will make your new residence more complete and your adjustment easier.

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