When do Coachella Tickets get Shipped?

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Okay, so you paid $375+ dollars for your Coachella tickets and now you want to know, “when do Coachella tickets get shipped?”

This year they were shipped in the 3rd week of March (for weekend 1 tickets) and the good news is that you may have already received them!  I just checked my mailbox and there they were, just sitting in there, susceptible to mailbox theft.  Whew, I’m glad I got mine.  It’s a very comforting feeling, holding your Coachella wristband in your hand.

What comes in the Coachella ticket box?

Here is a list of contents that come in the 2013 Coachella ticket box:

[list_circle] [li]2013 Welcome Guide[/li] [li]Coachella decal sticker[/li] [li]Coachella Diorama cutouts[/li][li]Mini Coachella poster and 2013-2014 calendar[/li][li]Coachella windmill button pin[/li][li]Last but not least, the 2013 Coachella Wristband![/li] [/list_circle]

Pictures of what’s inside the 2013 Coachella ticket/wristband box


Coachella 2013 ticket box welcome guide

coachella 2013 ticket box diorama cutouts

coachella 2013 mini posters calendar

coachella 2013 button pin windwill

picture of 2013 coachella general admission wristbandwristband by Arnett Credentials

2013 Coachella Welcome Guide Facts

Here are a few interesting facts I got from the 2013 Welcome Guide:

[list_circle] [li]Wristbands must be applied to the RIGHT wrist before arriving at the festival grounds[/li] [li]Since its launch, the Coachella Forums have hosted 60,000 participants, 54,000 different threads and 2.5 million unique posts[/li][li]The distance from the main stage to the Sahara tent is 1,970 ft.  Which takes an average person 6.5 minutes to walk (or much more when it’s crowded!)[/li][li]More than 100,000 images tagged #coachella were uploaded by Instagram users April 13-22, 2012[/li][li]1.9 million people tuned in to the webcast in 2012 and watched more than 1.5 hours of live Coachella performances[/li][li]2012 was the first year it has ever rained at Coachella[/li][li]2012 was both the coldest and hottest Coachella (43 degrees on 4/14, and 107 degress on 4/21)[/li][li]There are 1,000 units of water onsite[/li][li]The Mangler truck uses 600 lbs of cheese of both weekends[/li][li]Spicy Pie goes through 900 gallons of tomato sauce each weekend[/li] [/list_circle]Related, see my Coachella survival guide for Coachella tips & tricks

Video of Coachella 2013 ticket unboxing


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