World’s Best Cruising Destinations

indonesia volcano

If you are ready to go on a cruise and now you are looking for the right destination, you’ve come to the right place. After doing some online research, you’ll see there are hundreds of options for where to spend your vacation. And since the cruise industry tends to expand its reach, there will be even more options you can choose from. One of the best companies you can check is Aqua Expeditions. You will enjoy luxury cruising in some of the most beautiful remote places in the world.

This is list is made to help you decide where you can take off on your next trip. And since the major part of how the trip will go depends on your preferences, check some of the world’s best cruising destinations and make your choice!


Indonesia is a great destination for cruising, especially if you are on your holiday. There are plenty of places you can visit. From the authentic views, unspoiled island scenery, endemic species, wildlife, beautiful landscapes, romantic beach nights, and many more adventures await you in this paradise on Earth. Places like Komodo Islands, Raja Ampat, Bali, and Java must be visited via a cruise. Indonesia is the biggest archipelago consisting of more than 17 000 islands. You will have days full of activities and adventures and we can suggest some for you.

indonesia volcano

If you go to Indonesia and don’t visit Bali it’s like you’ve never been there. There’s no single person on Earth who hasn’t heard about this beautiful place since it’s one of the most popular Indonesian islands. It’s the perfect getaway for your honeymoon or romantic vacation. The sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery will make you never want to leave this place. And while there are a lot of activities like snorkeling, sunbathing, surfing, swimming, etc., you must visit some of the other islands too. You can meet the locals, learn about their culture and history, see some of their customs and traditions and experience Indonesia with its true colors.

Lombok is another place you should visit and it’s a real gem. It’s similar to Bali, but much calmer since tourists want to visit Bali more during the season. You can spend a day on the beach and enjoy yourself with a cocktail in your hand. If you want to have a more private and romantic atmosphere, Lombok is the place for you. Other places we can suggest are Lake Toba, Gili Islands, Komodo Islands which are known for the komodo lizard, and the Pink Beach.


There are a lot of ways to discover Vietnam. However, discovering it from water is one of the best options. Booking a cruise can be the right decision since you’ll have your options open and organize your itinerary. You can visit Nha Trang, one of the most popular beaches in Vietnam and a diving destination. It’s known to be one of the first superyacht marinas. On the other hand, some zones are out of your reach, so you are not supposed to travel there. Ha Long Bay has thousands of limestone cliffs and is one of the most iconic sites in Vietnam. However, you can’t take a cruise. Only private yachts are allowed to take a stroll there. When we are with the yachts, you can arrange a personal guide and a yacht who will explain everything about Vietnam’s history, traditions, and customs.


An Amazon cruise is a true adventure. It’s not the typical cruising where everything is about the activities and entertainment. A cruise on the Amazon river is about experiencing life and exploring culture, wildlife, and the rainforest. You’d get to experience firsthand what it means to be cruising on Amazon and even visit several countries that span across South America. Planning a cruise can be quite challenging, especially on such a distant destination. However, with the right type of tools, booking, and organization, you can make the most of it. The first thing to consider when embarking on a cruise to Amazon is where to go. You can take a cruise from Brazil, Ecuador or Peru. each of these countries has a lot to offer, starting from rainforest attractions to land tours. The two most popular way to explore the Amazon is taking a cruise or a jungle lodge. Cruises are the luxurious and most comfortable way to explore the rainforest. So, check all of your options and make the right decision by having the adventure of a lifetime.


We all know Galapagos is the perfect destination for cruising. Charles Darwin himself would agree with us on that. He first visited the island and developed his theory about the evolution of species. Galapagos Islands are one of the largest places and homes of endemic species. It’s a top destination for wildlife viewing where you’d get to see giant tortoises, lizards, whales, dolphins, etc., and enjoy the wildlife experience. The fragile ecosystems, lunar-like landscapes, and the wealth of flora and fauna have made the Galapagos one of the most beautiful places on Earth. You can visit the national park, nevertheless, you don’t have to be an evolutionary biologist to soak up the beauty of the isolated lands. One of the best ways to explore the Galapagos is via a cruise.

You can enjoy the tranquil bays of turquoise waters, and see the volcanic landscapes and the myriad wildlife on a guided cruise. There are a lot of small cruises throughout the islands which will take you to the unreached corners of the islands. And if you are looking for a more budget-friendly, comfortable, and clean Galapagos cruise option, you can check the tourist class boats. These boats can be great if you are traveling with your family since they offer a family-friendly atmosphere. Plus, you will have a guide who will lead you through the beauty of these islands. Or, if you are more into a luxurious way of traveling, you can book a first-class yacht and get the ultimate idea of the perfect journey. Other factors like budget, itinerary, type of vessel, extra activities, etc., can influence your choice of traveling.


Now we have a different location on our list. Alaska is one of the most scenic adventures you can have. A cruise can take you to wild extremes where you’d get to see the Aurora Borealis, visit the cities of Seattle and Vancouver, and stop at epic locations like the Tracy arm Fjord or the Glacier Bay National Park. Alaska is one of the best cruising destinations that include wild wildlife-watching experiences from eagles and bears to orcas.


While Japan might sound like an interesting surprise on this list with one of the best cruising destinations, it is. You can have an adventure of a lifetime and explore Japan to its fullest. This is a country of fascinating contrast with the tranquility of mountains and mesmerizing clouds over Tokyo. There is a myriad of temples and skyscrapers to visit, volcanoes and lakes, bars, local food shops, etc. Japan is the right destination to visit something different, unique, mind-bending, and exotic. Thus, you’ll return home full of beautiful memories.

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