Coachella Party Recap: Revolve & Bootsy/McDonalds

rocky barnes at Revolve Festival Coachella party
evan thomas and julia rosen at revolve fesival
Me and Julia at Revolve

Coachella is back and so is Revolve Festival. More info about Revolve Festival 2024 here.

There are so many experiences that make Coachella my favorite weekend of the year: listening to the best bands in the world, a weekend getaway with my best friends, the perfectly warm weather, the beautiful desert scenery (there was even snow on the mountains this year!) and the Coachella parties. If you’re looking for info on Revolve Festival 2018, visit this page.

When I first started attending Coachella nearly 10 years ago, the party would start at my friend’s campsite at noon each day. We would all drink a few beers under their pop-up tent before heading into the festival around 2:00pm, we would brave the blistering high-desert sun and sit at the Outdoor Theater or Main Stage watching our favorite bands before the crowds got too thick, taking 30 minute breaks to cool-off under the misters in the Do-Lab.

When the sun would set behind the Santa Rosa Mountains, we would head to the Mojave, Gobi or Sahara. Around 1:00am we would leave the festival… a full 12-hour day at Coachella, wearing the same stinky t-shirt and sweaty socks all day.

As I’ve gotten older (I’m 28 years old now), the 100 degree weather at 1:00pm is just too unpleasant, and I’ve already seen most of the Coachella bands and DJs perform at some point in the past.

So as the years have gone by, I’ve been more and more inclined to checkout the numerous parties surrounding Coachella weekend. I can drink free cocktails, eat gourmet food, get free merchandise from party sponsors and meet new people from all around the world, all in a beautiful environment. Below are two of the best parties I attended all weekend.

Revolve Festival

My favorite event during the Coachella weekend, and one of the most exclusive parties is Revolve Festival. Revolve is a online retail power-house, specializing in trendy and fashionable clothing with a seamless online shopping experience.

kendall jenner coachella event
Kendall Jenner at Revolve

Not only does Revolve go over the top on party production (music stage, beautiful location, amazing service, open bar, food trucks etc.) but Revolve Festival always draws the best crowd.

Unlike some other Coachella parties, the people that attend Revolve Festival are friendly, willing to mingle, down to party, and have fun! Not to mention it’s full of celebrities, influencers, models and professional athletes. And the best part? Everyone is partying together, this year I spotted Skrillex, Alexis Ren, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Migos, Rick Ross, Chiara Ferragni, Kenza Zouiten and Jannid Deler.

My girlfriend and I arrived at Revolve Festival at the Merv Griffin Estate around 2:00 and were welcomed by the hosts with two glasses of Moët Champagne. We then treated ourselves to a double-double from the In-N-Out burger truck before taking a couple of Ojo Scooters for a ride around the estate.

We then headed to the open bar, I went for a Heineken and Julia for a mango Ciroc cocktail. The bar was also serving up some delicious coconut water (directly from real coconuts) to keep guests hydrated in the 90 degree desert weather.

Around 4:00pm the party started getting crowded and all the guests were treated to a live performance by Rick Ross. The stage was right next to the pool, which was surrounded by VIP Cabanas complete with bottle service. The open bars kept the rest of the guests happy!

It was hard to leave such a fun party, but Julia and I made our way to the festival around 6:30 to catch Two Door Cinema Club on the main stage. While at Revolve, I had the pleasure of taking some wigglegrams of Rocky Barnes, Skrillex and other party guests.


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Bootsy Bellows / McDonald’s Estate

rancho mirage estate party bootsy bellows

I’ve been attending both weekends of Coachella for the past few years and this year was no different! On the second weekend, the biggest party was Bootsy Bellows estate hosted by McDonalds.

I must say, the location of this party was INCREDIBLE. It turns out the party was held at Coco Crisp (of the MLB’s Cleveland Indians) 5-acre estate. The party was held in the gardens of the estate, which is complete with palm trees, flower gardens, lakes and a private baseball field!

The Bootsy Bellows/McDonalds Party was very well organized and everything ran smoothly, which cannot be said about every Coachella party.

I arrived at a designated parking area around 2:00pm, and jumped straight onto a shuttle bus that took me and other eager guests to the estate just 5 minutes away. The shuttle was great because it allowed guests to meet each other before going into the party, and it allowed for the party location to remain secret.

I immediately headed for the McDonald’s truck to try out a new McDonald’s Signature Crafted Sandwich (which was surprisingly delicious!) and one of their legendary cold drinks, a McCafé.

Von Miller at Bootsy Bellows McDonalds partyAfter lunch with McDonald’s, I headed to the bar to pickup an Avion Tequila with Sprite and then headed towards the pool where the music stage and DJ booth was setup.

I caught a glimpse of Von Miller, Michael B Jordan and Sofia Boutella before deciding to walk around the beautiful estate. I ran into some people that had read my blog post on Coachella parties and we all decided to checkout the slip-n-slide, which was a great idea considering the it was over 100 degrees outside.

By 5:30 the party was full-on and guests were splashing around in the pool and grotto, enjoying sounds by DJ Young Taco.

I headed out around 6:00 to go to the festival, and overall I was blown away by this party. It was organized, exclusive, big, luxurious and fun. I can’t wait to check out the 2018 version!

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